We are new on the market and we are expecting to offer you the best quality of special titanium dioxide white pigments

Iron Sulfate Heptahydrate

  1. FeSO4 (II) no less then 57%

  2. H2SO4 less then 0,3%

  3. Insoluble residue less then 2%

  4. Anticacking agent - no

  5. Packaging - big-bag 1000 kg


  1. TiO2 content  <95%

  2. Rutile content 98%

  3. Bulk Density - 2,3 t/m3

  4. CIE L =97

  5. Surface treatment: Al, Si, Zr,

  6. Oil - 21 g/l

Iron Sulfate Monohydrate

  1. Fe - no less then 30%

  2. Arsenic - 5 ppm max

  3. Cadmium - 10 ppm max

  4. Heavy metals (as Pb) - 10 ppm max

  5. Hg - 0,01 ppm max


Our products


  • by RAILWAY 66.00mt

  • by SEA  20 foot universal container 26.00mt

  • by TRUCK 21.00mt

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Our production site

We are located in Chelyabinsk city at South Ural region, Russia. Our production site is equipped with advanced modern equipment specialized for chemical production.

Since 2003, as a NEKK company we've been producing Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Feed Grade. Our supply facility and a supply chain have been working to provide high quality product for 64 countries in the world and covered up to 20% of the world's market of feed grade copper sulfate.

Today as a group of highly dedicated and competent specialist we are going to evolve and start up something absolutely new: hi-tech and highest quality sulfate production of pigment titanium dioxide. We are looking to challenge ourselves with new ambitious goals and interesting projects.

Where we are now?

- We have succefully finalized all the laboratoly experiments and fully understand all the technical parameters of the process

- We have prepared our production site for commissioning and start up

- We have picked all the necessary technological equipment and currently are going through the contract signing process.

- We have chosen our area of interest out of all titanium dioxide varieties provided out there on the market.

- Overall we are ready to start up with the building, commissioning and launch!

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